The Dollar General Pregnancy Test: Is it Legit?

We have all had that dreaded day where we realize we are a few days to a week late and need to take the dreaded trip to the store and get a pregnancy test. So what do you do? Well, you could go to the nearest pharmacy and pay $20 for a pregnancy test kit…or you could check out the Dollar General pregnancy test for one for $1.50 instead. Which will yield the best results? Let’s find out!

What to look for in a pregnancy test

First, you should know that there are two types of pregnancy tests: digital and manual. Digital tests are the more accurate option, but they’re also more expensive. If you’re on a budget, you can opt for a manual test instead.

Digital tests are more accurate because they measure the amount of hCG in your urine. On the other hand, manual tests test for the amount of an enzyme called beta-hCG in your urine. The problem is that this enzyme isn’t present in your body until you’ve conceived. So if you use a manual test when you’re not pregnant, you can get a false positive that will lead to more stress than necessary. Digital tests are more likely to catch this since they measure for a higher amount of hCG.

Which tests are best?

You’ll notice a range of prices when shopping for pregnancy tests. How can you be sure you’re picking up an accurate one? You’ll want to avoid the tests with only one line. You’ll also want to ensure the test comes from a trusted brand. The most trusted brands are the Clearblue Pregnancy Test, First Response, and Wondfo. If you want to be extra cautious, you can also opt to pick up a digital pregnancy test. These are more expensive, but they’re also more accurate.

Should you trust the Dollar General pregnancy test?

The short answer is yes. You should absolutely trust the pregnancy test that you find at your local $1 store. In fact, many medical professionals recommend picking up a cheap pregnancy test to take at home if you’re not trying to get pregnant.

You can use this test to check your fertility, or you can use it to see if you’re pregnant. If you’re trying to get pregnant, you can use this test to see when you’re most fertile. Conversely, if you’re not trying to get pregnant, this test will let you know if you’re ovulating. As you can see, this test will come in handy in a few different scenarios.

Bottom line

If you’re trying to get pregnant, you’ll want to take a pregnancy test at least once a day. This will let you know whether or not you’re ovulating, and when you’re most likely to conceive. Of course, you can use these tests to see if you’re pregnant, too — but you should know that it’ll take longer for the test to show a positive result. If you’re not trying to get pregnant, you can use these tests to see if you’re ovulating. This will help you plan for the future if you’d like to conceive in the future. Regardless of your situation, you can find a cheap pregnancy test at your local Dollar General.