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The Benefits of Installing a Keyless Door Lock in Your Home

If you’ve considered adding a keyless door lock to your home, you may wonder what the benefits are. These locks offer several conveniences that you won’t get with traditional keyed doors.

They also help to increase your security by making it harder for intruders to gain access. They can also be linked to your smart home and alert when opened.


You may need help keeping track of multiple keys if you’re a homeowner. They might get lost, stolen, or misplaced.

Installing a keyless door lock Orlando is one of the best ways to avoid this. With a keyless system, you can unlock your doors with a code, fingerprint, or even a quick swipe on your smartphone.

It can be a huge relief not to worry about leaving an extra key on the door. Creating a temporary code for guests or employees to enter your home without compromising security is easy.

Keyless locks are also an excellent option for short-term rental property owners who want to offer convenience and flexibility to their guests without sacrificing security. Many keyless locks support popular voice commands such as Alexa and Google Assistant so you can grant access to your door remotely from anywhere.


A keyless lock eliminates the risk of hiding a key somewhere on your porch, underneath a doormat, or in a rain gutter or spout. These hideaway places are all prime targets for burglars, who always look for easy ways to break into homes.

If you choose a smart door lock that connects to your home’s internet, you can check in on the house while you’re away. You can also use the app to send an alert if someone enters your property without permission.

You can assign codes to household members or vendors, giving them temporary access while you’re away. This will help protect your home from theft while on vacation or at work.

Although installing a keyless lock has plenty of security benefits, it’s essential to consider your habits and needs before deciding. Some keyless locks are vulnerable to power outages and may need to be more secure than traditional locks.


A keyless door lock installed in your home can provide convenience and security. You can use it to control your entryway with a smartphone app or central hub, and you can set up temporary access codes that allow people like house sitters or dog walkers to unlock the door without bringing a key.

It can also allow you to track who comes and goes from the home and deactivate access codes as soon as they’re gone. Plus, if someone’s mobility is limited or they have arthritis, intelligent locks offer the chance to use voice commands to open the door.

Choosing a smart lock that connects with other smart home devices, such as bright lights and security systems. These can help create a fully automated smart home.


A few keypad locks on the market allow you to control them through your smartphone and home automation systems. This can be particularly convenient if you have mobility issues and need help opening your door with your hands.

With these systems, you can also grant temporary access to loved ones or employees without compromising your security. This can be handy for guests who want to drop off a book or a family member who needs to get into the house but needs to remember their keys.

In addition to granting temporary access, smart locks can help you monitor who enters and leaves your home. This can be especially helpful for short-term rental properties like Airbnb.