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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding House Deep Cleaning Service Costs

To make money and compete with other companies, a house cleaning company needs to charge enough for their work. However, pricing varies considerably based on factors such as frequency of service, location, and the types of services offered.

Number of Rooms

The number of rooms you cover is vital for understanding how to price your home cleaning services. While larger homes place more demands on your time, you can save money by negotiating for lower per-room charges and taking on smaller jobs more frequently.

A room-by-room approach can also be an effective way to track productivity and increase your bottom line. A well-designed house cleaning spreadsheet will make it easy to follow the time and effort of each job, letting you bill each client accordingly.

The most cost-effective way to calculate a room rate is to use a tool like this, which uses the room size and average cleaning time to determine the correct price for each job.

In general, rooms that require a lot of labor-intensive work (like bathrooms) will be priced higher than the average. They often need more cleaning equipment, more time to complete, and extra travel and gas expenses.

Number of Cleaners

One of the most crucial things to consider while developing a house deep cleaning service cost guide is the number of cleaners. Having a team of cleaners makes it easier for them to complete the job quickly and effectively.

Estimating each room’s square footage is essential to determine how many people you need for a cleaning job. It can help you choose the price per room more accurately.

You’ll also need to factor in the time it takes to clean each room so that you can charge accordingly. For example, if cleaning a kitchen takes more than an hour, you’ll need to price the job higher.

You can also add a fee for additional cleaning tasks, such as cleaning the refrigerator or washing laundry. These services often add up to a small percentage of the total cost, so it’s worth considering adding them on for clients who have an extensive collection of items to clean or are interested in an eco-friendly approach.


Homeowners and renters may not be willing to put in the effort required to clean their homes deep, but they should still have a professional take care of them. A deep cleaning service can help remove a buildup of dirt, grime, and stains left behind over time, as well as odors and unpleasant messes.

It can also help disinfect surfaces and make a home more presentable for guests or potential buyers. The level of accumulated grime can also influence the cost of a deep clean, as it requires a cleaner to spend more time and use more products than average.

Most house deep cleaning services will have a base rate that includes most of their work, but they can also provide itemized costs for extras that customers want to be done. These extras include cleaning the inside of appliances, vacuuming floors or carpets, scrubbing walls or carpets, and washing machines that aren’t typically included in a regular clean, like a stove or dishwasher.


Aside from a well-earned payday, a home or business owner needs to know the costs of getting a competently vetted house cleaning company into the fold. Many factors should go into a house profound cleaning service price quote, including the actual size of the residence, how often you need to clean it, if you provide maid service, and what sort of insurance you have. The best part is that your customers will likely have many questions to ask before, during, and after the visit. The most important part is identifying and addressing these queries promptly.